Learn how you can officially change your name

Social Security Name Change

Upon changing your name, you must request an updated Social Security Card.  To change your name on your card, download and complete an Application for a Social Security Card (Form SS-5). You must provide any documents that prove a confirmed legal name change, your identity, citizenship, or immigration status.  Completed applications and documents can be mailed to your local Social Security office.  All documents will be returned to you.

Documents accepted by the Social Security Administration include a marriage document, divorce decree, certificate of naturalization, and a court order for name change. If the provided documents do not adequately provide identification for you, you must an additional two documents, one with your old name, and the other with your new legal name.

If you are U.S. citizen born outside the U.S. and SSA records show the opposite, you must provide proof of your citizenship.  If you are not a confirmed U.S. citizen, you will be asked to provide documents on your immigration status.

After all the required documents and papers have been provided, you will be approved for your new card.  It will have your previous number, but display your new name.

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