Learn how you can officially change your name

You may have various reasons on why you need to change your name. We don’t ask questions, but aim to help you understand the legal steps involved in completing this process. Changing your name requires an extensive and complex set of legal requirements.

You must know who to speak with and what paperwork needs to be done. Each state also has their own legal requirements for change of name. We provide resources and information on specific states with distinct legal name change procedures. You must know the difference between self-prepared legal forms and those prepared from external services.

Legal forms services are different from attorneys. You can save thousands of dollars by working with legal service firms as opposed to an attorney. If you are changing the name of your child and other partner cannot be found, you may require the legal advice of a qualified attorney.

Our website provides extensive information regarding the procedures of having your name legally changed. Take advantage of the resources offered here to ensure more efficient certification of your new name.

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